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2016 Canadian SaaS Showcase Live Blog

Stay tuned for updates from our second annual 'Best in SaaS' Showcase, taking place at the Great Canadian Theatre Company! 

Victoria | Accelerator #SaaSRoadshow- Summer 2016

Continuing on our tour of the west coast, L-SPARK's Managing Directotr Patrick White will be in Victoria on June 1-2. Meet with him one-on-one to discuss how L-SPARK is growing SaaS startups and building a community of B2B SaaS founders. 

Waterloo | Accelerator #SaaSRoadshow- Summer 2016

The L-SPARK Team can’t wait to catch up with with the Waterloo tech community! 

Toronto | Accelerator #SaaSRoadshow- Summer 2016

We're thrilled to visit Toronto's tech community from June 6-7, in addition to June 16-17!

Vancouver | Accelerator #SaaSRoadshow- Summer 2016

Our first stop on the Accelerator #SaaSRoadshow is Vancouver! We’re excited to be meeting with west coast startups for the first time!

Halifax | Accelerator #SaaSRoadshow- Summer 2016

L-SPARK Director Bob Huggins is thrilled to be hitting up the east coast to meet with B2B SaaS founders. 

Ottawa | Accelerator #SaaSRoadshow- Summer 2016

We're excited to meet with local startups at the HackerNest Ottawa June Tech Social on June 1! 

Montreal | Accelerator #SaaSRoadshow- Summer 2016

We’re excited to catch up with our friends in Montreal from June 9-10! L-SPARK Director Marco Janeczek will be heading to Montreal to meet with the city’s entrepreneurs.

When to Take the Leap from Startup Founders to Sophisticated Management Team

My previous blog Success factors of a founding team highlighted the key traits of a winning startup team. But what happens as your company evolves into the next stage… growth.

How I Leveraged Government Support to Grow my Startup

Steve Cody, founder and CEO of The Better Software Company (TBSC), details the ways in which both federal and provincial government agencies and NGOs have benefited his growing company. At a recent panel discussion held at Kivuto, representatives from each organization outlined how they’ve helped the startup with hiring, financing and R&D. Steve has recapped his experience with each of the organizations, and how their programs have been important to every aspect of his company.

Q&A with Aaron Ross: Nailing a Niche, Outbound Sales & More Advice for Startups

Aaron Ross is the author of Predictable Revenue, often termed the ‘Sales Bible of Silicon Valley.’ His recent book From Impossible to Inevitable (co-written with Jason Lemkin) primes companies to achieve hyper growth.

How to "Wow" Users: The Blueprint to Customer Success

Some day you will get to the point where you have, as Aaron Ross would say, nailed your niche in the market. Customers will come flooding in and in an instant the focus will shift out of the tunnel vision that is customer acquisition. Instead, you will be forced to turn your attention to the beast that is customer success. When you arrive at this precipice I hope, for your sanity and for the well-being of your company, that you will have already built a customer-service focused culture. But for those of you who are procrastinators – I urge you to set aside a few minutes and read the rest of this blog – your company’s future will depend on it!!